January’s Whole 30 – Week Two

I’m halfway.  I’m halfway. Half the fucking way!
Yes I am celebrating, no I won’t apologise for the F word, I’m halfway through my Whole30 and feeling amazing!

The second week really felt like no effort at all.  Especially compared to week one.
I did feel quiet tired at the beginning of the week but from past experience, I knew this would be the case.  And I also knew that I’d have a little difficulty with number two’s (which was a big part of the last two quits) so I made sure that I had some help on hand for that too.  Or two as the case may be!


I think its my mindset.  I went into the Whole30 this time to get a better handle on my nutrition and to kick my Sugar Dragon.  The last couple of rounds were probably more about continued weight loss and chasing that magical goal weight.  But I don’t care about my scale weight any more.  I care about how good I feel, how much sleep I get and whether I’m fueling myself for my workouts.  I’m not weighing, measuring or logging my food and that takes heaps of the headache and the worrying away.


I won’t lie – I am concerned that my portion sizes are above the ‘recommended WLS serving’ but I stop when I am full, I continue to eat slowly and I drink my water.  So those worrys can just sit there and be still.


Half way.  Thats my success.  Delicious and nutritious meals, keeping up our workouts and even taking a rest day.  And getting over that grump period.  Thank fuck for that!


Plans for Week Three – keep on keeping on!  The days are starting to fly by and now I’m starting the countdown to our annual Pacific Island trip.
I also want to do from here is update a few of the recipes we have modified to suit us.  There’s a wee list though so it might take me some time.  Drop me a comment below if there’s one, in particular, you would like and then I can start with those.

Look after you



2 thoughts on “January’s Whole 30 – Week Two”

  • Wooo hoooo you got this Tink! Super proud of you!! I find that I sometimes go up to 4 days without going #2’s which according to my nutritionist is not ideal :/ BUT I have got some ‘Benefibre’ which is a tasteless powder you can add to anything (I take that every day, a couple times a day) And I also have a box of ‘Kiwicrush’ in the freezer (It’s a kiwifruit based ice block you stick in water and drink – tastes quite nice, and gets things moving!)
    Your looking amazing – isn’t it awesome when your ‘insides’ start to feel as amazing as your ‘outsides’ look! haha xx

    • Yes 4 days is not healthy!!! I use Benefibre too – and also Phloe tablets which are made of kiwifruit and available at Countdown.
      Am feeling absolutely amazing too thanks sweet. Definitely very very very happy in life!! Hope you have a totally fabulous day X

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