Goals – and Non-Scale Victories

It feels like a new beginning.  Following is my list of goals, non-scale victories, things that I either miss doing or wish I could do.

On the List:

  • Buy a pair of Levi’s
  • Stop needing blood pressure medication
  • Fit my calves in a pair of boots
  • Go Scuba Diving
  • Do the Colour Run – or should I say, actually RUN the Colour Run (so thats like do a 5km)
  • Have just one almost visible abnominal muscle (although apparently they come in pairs)
  • Be able to do a Box Jump
  • When early morning work out sessions become just normal – or I’m organising life to prioritise good eating and workouts
  • Have that healthy skin ‘glow’

Knocked the Hell Off the List:

  • Cross my legs
    • 19th January 2016 – It ain’t all that comfortable right now, but one will sit on top of the other.  I’m sitting in the barbershop whilst Ken gets that gorgeous beard shaped and I’m feeling good! So I’m calling it – nailed.
  • Walk up Pukemokemoke Bush Reserve – and not just to the path split, but all the way to the summit!
    • 27th March 2016 – I did it!!!!!  There were quite a few stops along the way but who cares, the summit I made.
  • Walk up Te Mata Peak (in the Hawkes Bay)
    • 30th December 2016 and the 31st too!

  • Complete the Tongariro Crossing
    • 1st April 2017 – In just over 6 hours, with Ken and a group of wonderful friends, bloody did it!

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