2015 ended with me taking charge of my health in a fairly dramatic fashion and finally having weight loss surgery.

After 30 something years of Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Paleo, kickboxing, swimming, walking, bloody Fitbit challenges …. well, you name it, I’ve tried it.  I researched my decision for about 4 years before I finally put on my big girls panties and got up the nuts to talk to my G.P about whether this was a good thing for me or if I was just crazy.  He’s a good man, he is pretty straight up (he is Scottish, he swears, we get on great) and he told me I was a perfect candidate.  So there you go.  I started this blog to keep an online journal of life pre-op, going to the surgery, and then post-op.

Somewhere along the way, my love of food and of cooking started to show through.
I’m one of those people who post #foodporn on Instagram.  I love to try things in the kitchen, I’ll create a few recipes and I like to adapt other recipes to make them suitable for weight loss surgery patients. This lead to me writing, in association with a Bariatric Nurse and a Bariatric Dietitian, my first Cookbook – Nurture & Nourish.
And I am a solid supporter of selfies.  I believe that selfies are good for our mental health.  And now that I like my face, I don’t care if you don’t agree with me.

So here we are.
I’m 42, I live in Hamilton (New Zealand) with my partner and our animals.  We don’t have kids together.  I work full time, I have a Photography business and I fucking love food.  Oh, I swear a bit too and I tell it like it is.

I had a Roux-En-Y (Gastric Bypass) in November 2015 with Dr Schroeder and the team at Weight Loss Surgery Ltd here in Hamilton.  My highest weight was 168kg, my consultation weight was 154.5kg and my weight on surgery day was 144kg.
I don’t have a goal weight – I just want to be healthy, to be able to throw my body around and do all the things that make me happy and to love being alive.

This is my progress over the last 14 months – my weight has decreased by just over 90 kilograms, my BMI has halved and my body fat has decreased from 67% to 27%.

I follow a Paleo-ish, Keto-ish, Low Carb, High Fat-ish eating plan.
Basically, I eat whole foods and avoid processed foods while following the surgery guidelines of PROTEIN FIRST.

I tried running.  Running is dumb.  I’ll do it for a medal (or a little bag of real english Pork Crackle) but otherwise, I would rather walk fast or ride my bike.  I’ve upped my weights game this year and I’m loving seeing what my body can do.  I’m slowly learning that exercise and movement isn’t punishment but rather celebration.

Post Gastric Bypass life isn’t all pretty.  There is rapid weight loss, saggy skin, constipation and all sorts of other things.  But what you can expect from me is the truth, possibly a bit raw sometimes, recipes that you can enjoy, and a snapshot of how freaking awesome weight loss surgery has been for me and how I have handled the challenges that it has thrown at me.  If you want medical advice though, you go and see your Doctor or your Surgeon.
And if there is something that I haven’t covered that you want to know about – then just ask.

If you have any feedback or want to ask me a question you can email me on tinks@allergictosugar.co.nz

5 thoughts on “ABOUT”

    • It’s truly humbling that people a) read my blog and b) might get some idea of my challenges and struggles and then hopefully know that they are NOT ALONE!
      Thank you for checking in and supporting me like you do. Love you MissB X

  • You are truly inspirational – I look at your blog, photos, recipes and your wonderful honesty and see exactly why I am failing!!!

    • Hi Sally – firstly thank you for leaving me a note and secondly, I am sure you are being way too hard on yourself! if there’s anything I can do to help out, please let me know X

  • Hi Tinks! I’ve been following your page for a wee while now, love looking at all your stuff, and I’m stoked to be able to say I had a RNY on August 11th (my 47th Birthday!!) How’s that for an awesome pressie to myself :p

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