Here We Whole30 Again

My last foray into the Whole30 was a total fucking mess.  My head was all over the show, I was putting so much pressure on myself to be the most successful Weight Loss Surgery patient EVER and I was pushing myself physically without having any idea what I was doing or why I was doing it.
I have to admit, 2017 was a big year.  A year of learning a lot about myself.  A year of questioning not just what I was doing but why I was doing it.  Of learning about my needs (not just my wants, and not just about what others wanted from me).  Towards the end of December, I felt ready to do another Whole30 round. In fact, we are so ready, the two of us got a bit excited!

Why ANOTHER Whole30?

Yes, I can hear you asking this question.  And I did too.  As in seriously girl, why don’t you just give up trying?
Yea yea I did ask myself that question but then I mentally slapped myself and said NO, YOU CAN DO THIS.
And then there are the 101 articles that come out at this time of the year about “10 Fad Diets that Don’t Work”  and yes I have read those too.  And I have read the articles by scientists and nutritionists on why the Whole30 isn’t sound.  And I hear all those points – and even agree with a lot of them.

In the pursuit of the nutritionist goals, I had actually started to forget about REAL FOOD.  I was trying to hit my calorie goals (especially on training days) by consuming protein bars.  And all manner of processed foods.  In the beginning, this was kinda sorta okay.  Because of my operation, I was eating small amounts, I had malabsorption on my side and I didn’t have to think about it too hard.  It was a lot easier to eat up to my recommended daily calories using these types foods – otherwise, I felt like I was eating non-stop.
Then I had my second Body Scan and that was a massive wakeup.  My body fat had increased.  I didn’t see the muscle gain I had expected.   I haven’t had massive regain (just a couple of kilos) – but would it have been any wonder?   I had also ‘discovered’ I could smash a Mama’s Donut.  I really wasn’t happy with that.  I never had a sweet tooth prior to surgery but fuck me, I had a Sugar Dragon in my belly and that bastard demanded to feed!  I cried on the phone to a friend who is an amazing nutritionist and I said that’s it.   This shit has to stop.

Since my surgery, I’ve been focusing on leading a life that prioritises my health – physical and mental.  I don’t want to go back to living in a constant circle of dieting, denying and restricting, rewarding and then guilt.  I’m looking for more than that.  I know there is more to life than that.  My January’s Whole30 is a mental challenge rather than physical.  It is a re-learning.  It will support my new Goals.

The Clean Out

This was the fridge situation … I’m not even going to show you the cupboards … but we’re looking at protein bars, Toblerone, cider, wine, cream, Maltesers, custard.  You get the idea!

It wasn’t just Christmas and the holiday season that saw my fridge looking like something a sugar junkie would have been ecstatic to find.  I’d just slipped into the easy.
I threw away what was gross, gave away what was still good and packed into containers things that might be used later – or in an emergency.  A Whole30 clean out is very very good therapy!

Our Week One Gallery

Plans for Week Two – just to keep going. In the past two rounds, this is where I have fallen down. So my head is telling me I can do this – its only 6 more days (as of today) and I’m doing better than last time. Plus my heads in a much better space and I’m feeling a lot happier. And thats got to be a good thing right?!

Look after you,
t X



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