Tuesday’s Food & Workout Diary

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening!!
It’s been a while since I blogged, I was thinking that I haven’t really had anything new to share – but I guess there’s been more going on inside my head than anything.  I’ve been maintaining, for the most part.  Eating the same old same old but pushing myself a little harder at the gym.  And I love that.  I’d just like to go a bit harder.  And see some better results.  So to get there, I’ve asked for some more help from some wonderful friends who are experts in their field.

Today’s task …. a food & workout diary.  And to have breakfast before I leave the house.  So here we go.

05:25: a Pre-Workout in my drink bottle and we escape out the door for a gym session.
The Curse is one of my all-time favourites, however, we have been trying a couple of new ones.  This one from Optimum Nutrition is pretty good too.

06:03: 15 minutes of cardio (elliptical) and 30 minutes of a butt session.  That means squats (I put my weights up, hence the grimace) and Swiss Ball Hamstring Pulls and Hip Abductors.  It was a short session this morning as Ken had to be at work early so we will finish up tonight with a workout at home.

07:06: Breakfast!  And FYI that’s also today’s Mini Mission ticked off!
20g Uncle Tobys Ancient Grains oats, 50g frozen blueberries, 80g Anchor Protein Plus greek yoghurt, 15g Balance Pure WPI Protein Powder (Vanilla of course!)

08:38: 1 medium soy flat white.  This is part of my morning ritual although usually, I have it on the way to work and before breakfast.  But now I’m not allowed to have breakfast so late.  And I only had one shot of coffee after I got out of the shower (normally its two and I’ll sit on them while I get dressed and made up for work).

10:36: An apple
11:08: Nothing Naughty Request Protein Bar

12:38: Lunch!  80g chicken drumsticks (bone and skin included), 100g roasted kumara, pumpkin and carrot, 25g baby spinach, 5 cherry tomatoes.  With a wee homemade balsamic dressing.  YES I ATE THE SKIN! 

14:20: Cup of tea – French Earl Grey with a splash of lite blue milk.

17:32: A sneaky snack as I had the shakes. Half a packet of Sniks Pork Crackle.

19:50: Dinner! Chicken wings, carrots, cucumber and celery and a dip made with lite sour cream and mustard. You’ll note I didn’t go back to the gym in the end. So no carbs.

21:02: T2 Deliciously Dreamy tea – and bed. And the end of the Outlander episode that I didn’t finish last night.



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