February’s Whole 30 – Week Two

Week Two started really really well but as you get through the next section, you will see the wheels didn’t just come off so much as the bloody bus went down a hill, over a bank and exploded on the stones at the bottom.

Still, I own the decisions I made about what I ate, I did all my weight and cardio sessions and I hit my step goals. I’m not making excuses, I’m just saying I did it.  Even though I only intended for it to be a one day slip, any day is a good day to start all over again.

Week Two, meal summaries – here we go!

Thursday: Day Eight
Breakfast: Scrambled Egg, Cherry Tomato and Salsa
Lunch: Ground beef with Ginger and Tamari Vegetables
Dinner: Shredded Chicken, Herbslaw, Pomegranate Seeds and Avocado

– but I didn’t get a photograph of that delicious Chicken Salad that I made for dinner.
So instead here is a photograph of my new fridge instead … because I love that fridge more than I love salad.  Even chicken salad with pomegranate on it.

Friday: Day Nine
Breakfast: Scrambled Egg, Cherry Tomato and Salsa
Lunch: Ground Beef with Ginger and Tamari Vegetables
Dinner: Pizza.

As I’ve just published a blog about being honest, its time I practiced what the fuck I preach.
I should have been proud of myself – I had made Day Nine. Actually, I was proud.  But as I drove home on Friday, the heavens opened, thunder rolled and I just felt tired. Tired and CBF. And so for dinner, I talked Ken into a Cheat Meal. There was pizza, there were pieces of Toblerone.
You can see I had the best intentions – I packed a great breakfast and lunch. And Nixie definitely enjoyed the Cheat Meal – probably more than me. The pizza was so so. I actually regretted it right after I had finished my two pieces. – but I bloody loved the chocolate. We had everything we needed to make a great Whole 30 dinner but I talked myself out of it and into a sabotage situation. So tomorrow, its Day One.

Saturday: Day One – Again
Breakfast: Kumara and Venison Hash with a Fried Egg
Lunch: Beetroot, Spinach and Roasted Peach Salad with Halloumi. OH SHIT.
Dinner: Scotch Fillet Steak with Broccoli, Green Beans, Tomato and Silvered Almonds

Whoops.  After the gym we shared an absolutely delicious salad at Jam – but before I knew it, I’d eaten a slice and a half of halloumi.  So tomorrow will be Day One all over again!

Sunday: Day One – Again, Again!
Breakfast: Egg Burrito with Ground Beef and Bacon
Lunch: – Roast Chicken with Broccoli, Green Beans, Tomato and Silvered Almonds
Dinner: Slow Roasted Lamb, Baked Carrots and Broccoli.  With Chia Pudding, Almond Butter and Apple Slices for dessert.

Now I have well and truly learned my lesson and in the morning I will be retrieving my Whole 30 Daily emails and re-reading the Whole 30 bible – It Starts With Food.  Even though I know all this stuff, using the materials available cements it for me and gives me the strength and motivation I need.  I know why I hit the wall and its partly to do with the pressure I am putting on myself.  I have a body fat goal, for no reason other than to have a goal, and I have a DietBet goal,  Which means money.  The stupid thing is that by having this blow out this weekend, I’ve only made it harder to reach that Dietbet goal!!  Am I a total glutton for punishment … as well as Toblerone?

I am absolutely determined to get through at least one round post Weight Loss Surgery so I can remove some of the dependence I have on processed foods like protein bars. Not to say that there isn’t a time and place for a good old protein bar – but not every day!
I will work on transferring all the effort from meeting those weight and body fat goals into being a healthier version of myself through cutting out these processed foods instead.  Whoever said WLS was the easy way out – fuck you.

Last night, while I enjoyed a wee Chia Pudding and some apple slices, I updated my Wellness Diary, confessed all my sins to it and promised myself that tomorrow would be a better day.  Project Me is back!

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