Another Whole 30 Round – 30 Day Whole Foods Challenge

We arrived home from Fiji on Wednesday night full of wonderful holiday stories … and sugar.
A week of cocktails (me) and pastries (him) had us pushing the snooze button several times this morning.

For 30 days we will be eating Meats, Fish, Eggs, Vegetables, Fruits, Good Fats, Good Oils, Nuts and Berries.
You might have seen this eating lifestyle in my Instagram or on my Blog before, its known as the Whole 30. What we won’t be eating (or will be detoxing from!) is alcohol, processed foods, dairy, soy,

We finished our very first Whole 30 back in 2014 and have completed two or three since then.  This is the second I have started since having weight loss surgery – but I abandoned the first as I didn’t have my fibre under control.

Apart from missing a couple of meals (breakfast and lunch too – how on earth does that happen?!), Week One went pretty bloody well and making sure I do a wee bit of meal preparation when I have time is the key I reckon.  That – and a guy who will just eat what he is told and make the Emma’s Food Bag recipes so I can have a few nights off.
Yes, we still get in an EFB even while we are doing a Whole 30.  Emma’s publish their menu at least a week in advance so I mark the items I would need to check and even plan a couple of substitutes.  Other things like rice etc already have well know subs in our house so that’s no issue.

So Week One, meal summaries – here we go!

Thursday: Day One
Breakfast: Scrambled Egg and Baked Broccoli
Lunch: Tuna, Baked Broccoli and Rocket
Dinner: Coconut Crusted Chicken Strips with Cucumber and Tomato Salad
Friday: Day Two
Breakfast: Kale and Sundried Tomato Frittata
Lunch: Tuna with Rocket, Cucumber and Tomato Salad
Dinner: Beef Nacho Bowl with Kumara Chips and Guacamole
Saturday: Day Three
Lunch: Eggs and Bacon and Tomato at Joe’s Garage with the girls
Dinner: Meatballs, Creamy Tomato Sauce and Zoodles
Sunday: Day Four
Breakfast: Kale and Sundried Tomato Frittata
Lunch: – I have absolutely no idea – but I did my Personal Best on a treadmill 5km so let’s just appreciate that for a moment aye?
Dinner: Emma’s Food Bag – Mexican Vegetable and Ground Chicken Bowls
Monday: Day Five
Breakfast: Ham and Egg cups with creamy tomato sauce. Unfortunately they didn’t sit too well with me – but a facial treatment later in the day made me feel a whole lot better about life
Lunch: Kale and Sundried Tomato Frittata
Dinner: Emma’s Food Bag – Chicken Teriyaki Skewers with Picked Cucumber and Radish and Cauliflower Rice
Tuesday: Day Six
Breakfast: ‘Scrambled Egg’ with cauliflower rice and creamy tomato sauce
Lunch: Mexican Vege Bowl with Chicken
Dinner: Citrus Pulled Pork with Green Beans and Cauliflower Rice
Wednesday: Day Seven
Breakfast: Ham and Egg McNotMuffin with creamy tomato sauce
Lunch: Citrus Pulled Pork with Green Beans and Cauliflower Rice
Dinner: Ground Beef with Ginger and Tamari Vegetables
Today was a Working From Home today and surprisingly, my photography game was not strong!! But I drank tea from a Mermaid Tail mug and I had a kitten on my desk so there’s that. More on that story on my Instagram.

Week One was good!! I met my latest DietBet goal and I got the workouts I wanted in.
My calories are sitting around 1100 to 1600 depending usually on how much activity I’ve done the day before. Have I told you how much I prefer the Lifesum app to MyFitness Pal for tracking?? I find it gives me better reports and even my weekly stats are gorgeous.

Pop back this time next week for Week Two.
Take care of you, t X



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