Currently – December

It feels like so much happened in December – and I can say this for sure as its bloody April and I’m looking back over the 1000+ photos I still have in my camera roll wondering where the fuck to start!!

I went to Wellington with the Pet Posse – on both a location scouting mission and to see Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood.  I wouldn’t say I’m a country fan and I probably would have been more into it if I was warmer but far out that man can play guitar!  Carol and I had a wee bit of a shop (okay, I did quite a lot).  We met the most amazing Boston Terrier called Spike McGruff, who I have followed on Instagram since he was a little bubby, and he was just lovely!  Carol and I went running around the waterfront and we adventured around the city on foot searching out cool spots to take photographs.  Oh and we took some photographs too.

We headed up to Auckland for Mikaela’s birthday – bought her a new (Nikon) camera and took a ferry trip to Devonport for a very very very delicious brunch.  Halloumi is truly delicious on salad!

The last, and one of the most exciting things to happen in December was that I climbed Te Mata Peak in Hawkes Bay.  Not once, but twice!  This has been on my list almost since Dad moved there many many many many years ago but it just wasn’t physically possible for me.  Well, I can tell you that this is not the case now!

Eating & Drinking

This month I tried the 5 Day Pouch Test, I made the most of the weather getting a lot warmer and I summer-ed up my breakfasts and I checked in on my portion sizes by semi-regularly weighing out my food.  And then I had some champagne – but it was Christmas Day!

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