Cranberry, Cashew and Pistachio Chocolate Hearts

I don’t have a particularly sweet tooth, savoury is by far my favourite taste, but this lovely wee morsels have a slightly salty sweet bitter taste and are the perfect bite size treat.  I’ve added the nutritional information at the bottom of the recipe as well as the products I choose to use.

Cranberry, Cashew and Pistachio Chocolate Hearts
Course: Sweets & Treats
  • 100 g cacao butter
  • cup ¼maple syrup
  • cup ½cacao powder
  • pinch aof salt
  • cup ¼crushed pistachio nuts
  • cup ¼crushed cashew nuts
  • cup ¼chopped cranberries
  • 2 tablespoons shredded coconut
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla paste
  1. Slowly melt the cacao butter in a small saucepan.
  2. Allow it to cool and then add the sugar free maple syrup to the cooled cacao butter, slowly stir or whisk in the cacao powder, vanilla paste and salt. It is important that the butter cools, else the maple syrup tastes different.
  3. You can create bark or a slice by lining a tin and pouring the chocolate 1cm thick or use small ice cube trays (I buy mine at Kmart) and create individual chocolates.
  4. For a slice or bark, sprinkle the nuts, cranberries and coconut evenly over the top. Refrigerate to set then cut into squares.
  5. For individual pieces, add the nuts, cranberries and coconut to the saucepan, then slowly fill the trays and freeze.
Recipe Notes

Nutritional Values (per 8g single serving):
Calories 29 | Protein 0.5g | Fat 2.9g | Sugar 0g | Fibre 0g | CHO 0mg



2 thoughts on “Cranberry, Cashew and Pistachio Chocolate Hearts”

    • They make the perfect portion size!! I have faith in your shopping ability Miss B – looking forward to seeing what you come up with (I think something and orange will be my next experiment)

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