2017 is My Year of Intent, Adventure and Priorities

I’ve recently used the last page in my Food & Exercise journal – and I was a wee bit sad about that!  I’ve been using that journal since my surgery and although I haven’t written in every day, there is at least one entry per month and one for most weeks so its a great record of my progress (and some of my difficulties) over the last 14 months.

As I got closer to the end of the journal, I started using My Fitness Pal more, not specifically for counting calories but for tracking macros.  That required way too much effort in a written journal!  Plus it linked with my Fitbit and took in all my activity.  Then I upgraded MFP to LifeSum and … well, thats a whole different blog post.

But here we are – 2017 already.  And I am still writing in a journal however my focus this year is on living and acting my three words …


I bought a Wellbeing Diary from Kikki.K and I have to say, I just love it.
Taking the time to write about where I am mentally as well as physically is a great step in the right direction of self care which, honestly, I’ve never spent much time thinking about much less doing anything about.  In 2017, I’m making sure I take better care of myself holistically.  I’m living with Intent … although the road to this is still under construction!

I knew I was just bouncing along one day to the next without any real balance or connection to a purpose or a goal.  Never let anyone tell you that setting goals is easy.  I had to think bloody hard!! I also had to be brutally honest with myself.  I found some of that honesty in the pages of this diary as there are weekly and monthly prompts to get you thinking about what has been and what is to come.

I’ve updated my Bucket List.
We are going to have some great adventures – both local and international.  And not necessarily travel related.

I’ve starting resetting my priorities.  Knowing what is important to me and what I value in my life is quite eye-opening!  I knew right from the start that this journey pre and post Weight Loss Surgery wasn’t going to be easy and it wasn’t going to be a purely physical challenge and change.  I feel very grateful that I had the opportunity to go through the WLS team here in Hamilton as right from the start, we worked on my obesity as a disease rather than just a weight problem.

Fourteen months on I can acknowledge that it will being an Obesity Survivor will be an ongoing challenge however this Wellness Diary is just one more tool that I can use.




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