Currently – November.

November 2016. Wow. What a year!
I know it’s not the end of it, I know there’s still a month to go, but this month is my Surger-iversary. One year ago I took control of myself and headed down a path to better health. One year ago I had weight loss surgery, a gastric bypass or RNY, with David Schroeder and the Weight Loss Surgery team.

One year of not looking back …

Well that’s not totally true … Transformation Tuesdays, Throwback Thursdays, Face to Face Fridays … these are all a chance to take a peak back to see how far I’ve come. But aside from that, no looking back and definitely no regrets!

Taras 12 Months

I’ve got a few other blogs on the go so I’ll save too much bloody summarising and get straight into my November update!


Do you think you can tell what my favourite meal of the day is? Yes, its definitely breakfast!
I’ve been sticking with the oats for breakfast and watching my fibre consumption. Now that its (finally) getting warmer, I’m looking to lighten it up a little. I made a protein shake this morning and then spilled 3/4 of it so let’s just say that it’s a work in progress.

Nov Eating - Allergic to Sugar

We have been ordering Emma’s Food Bag every couple of weeks and they have been awesome for inspiration. As with My Food Bag (my review is here), I’d prefer a low carb option however I find it pretty easy to swap out most things for my WLS friendly substitutes. I love that I don’t have to decide what we are having. The only downside is that he and I spend half our day talking about what to have for dinner so now I have less reasons to bug him. Ha ha, downside for who he asks!?


Meet my Big Bottle. Aside from an arm workout, this big gem is helping me pay much better attention to my fluid consumption. And she’s pretty!

Nov Drinking - Allergic to Sugar


I’ve got a really great rhythm going with exercise – and just being active in general. I’m truly enjoying it.
My steps are up and now, I own a bike! I haven’t had a great bike that I’ve wanted to ride since I was a teenager. It was my One Year present to myself. I still won’t ride it if its raining but I’m an adult now and I don’t have to if I don’t want to!
Him and I have been going to the gym a lot together – he’s so supportive. But it’s also okay for me to say that I think I am motivating him too. I reckon its pretty bloody cool that we have a shared hobby or goal of being the healthiest that we can be.
Two of my besties, Marcia and Carol, are also right here with me.  We make an effort to get out and get moving and its tons of fun.  There are also lots of laughs as one of them is a little clumsy and you just never know whats going to happen!
Judgemental assholes are very quick to say that Weight Loss Surgery is the easy way out.  Fuck off you dickheads.  So if a ‘normal’ person wants to lose weight and get healthy, what do they do?  Eat better and a little less, move more, drink water.  What do I have to do?  Take my vitamins every day, eat better and a little less, ensure I get the right amount of protein and fibre, move more, drink water.  I’m sorry, wheres the fucking easy way?  The exercise rhythm is only there because we make a really big effort – 5 to 6 days a week we’re doing something –  gym, walking, swimming, biking.  Sometimes its an effort, sometimes it isn’t.  But when I’m done – I always feel bloody awesome.


The weather is getting finally getting warmer and it is lighter much later. That means BBQ season is well and truly underway and along with BBQ comes lots and lots of salads!

Now, do you want to see something scary?  Just in the last 6 months, I’ve seen heaps of changes in my face and especially my forehead and the sides of my mouth.  To me, they looked to be dropping and drooping quite badly as a lot of the fat had gone from my face – but I wasn’t ready to try Botox or any injections or fillers.  A couple of friends go to the Caci Clinic here in Hamilton and recommended I talk to Rhonda to see what we could do.  Rhonda recommended Caci Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Treatments and she promised they would help in correcting firmness and texture and reducing lines.

I’ve just had my last treatment before summer however I am already so so pleased at how my skin has responded and I’m so much happier with my face!

There have been a few other excellent things happening this month – i.e. MY BIRTHDAY!!! So here’s a very quick run through …
Trips to Auckland for photography sessions, cups of tea before bed, hanging out with my wonderful guy, new jewelry from Cathy Pop, finishing Metro Paws School PawTraits, WLS Cooking Demonstration nights with Andrea, a gorgeous present from Andrea for finishing the WLS Cookbook, walks around Waiwhakareke in the evenings, winning my first DietBet!, Bliss Balls from Two Birds Unbakery, the makings of just one ab, pedicures as treats, books (and dogs), playing Xbox Kinect, birthday dinner at Madam Woo’s, a gorgeous locket I have wanted for ages as my birthday present – and then everything starts and ends with this man X

November - I am Loving - Allergic to Sugar


I’ve really found my stride with what I like – it’s just waiting for my size to settle!  I’ve been participating in a few Instagram Style Challenges which have been so much fun.  Check out the summary blog post here … Get Some Style

November Style - Allergic to Sugar

Yup – big ass sunglasses and that denim jacket from Just Jeans.  So that’s me (finally) for another month!
Take care of you, X



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