The 5 Day Pouch Test: Day Three

Its Monday, no not Moan-day, but Monday.  First things first, I’m down another 300 grams.  Yay!

I’m feeling really really good today (yes I have had my morning Nespresso) so its off to work with me!  I’ll write my consumption list for the day as I go and we’ll have a look at it later.  Otherwise, today isn’t going to be all that interesting.  I’ll meet Marcia at our coffee spot and I will have my one milky coffee for the day.

You Can Totally Do This

Day Three is Soft Protein day so I was pretty excited for breakfast.  I used one of the 5DPT Recipes, the Mock Breakfast Burrito.  Its a couple of eggs scrambled, 2 tbsp refried beans, 1 slice swiss cheese, 1 tsp salsa.  So simple, so delicious.  And I couldn’t finish it!

5DPT - Day Three - Breakfast

My Fitbit reminded me every hour to get up and move and for the most part it worked in nicely with my wees breaks.  Currently peeing like a racehorse with all the liquids that I am consuming.  Later on in the morning I had a Chai tea and then a shaker (650ml) of Protein Water.

After I popped out for a bit of life admin (read trip to the shops), it was lunch time.
Another suggestion from the 5DPT Owners Manual – turkey rollups.  I bought Turkey Slab from the deli at New World and some Swiss Cheese Slices.  Ripped the slice in half and rolled it in a piece of turkey with a little salsa in the middle.

My T2 teacup for comparison and I had five of these tasty wee morsels (so 2 pieces of cheese).

The plan for the evening was a gym date and then home for dinner.  The Step Bet Challenge has me doing two days of at least 14,500 and then 4 of 12,500 and then an off day.  As we’ll be travelling later in the week, I wanted to get all the big days out of the way at the beginning of the week.  I had a protein shake about 3:30pm and then took a bottle of water to the gym.

We made it home about 7pm.  Lots of trips to the toilet and a treadmill session has my steps nailed and I was already dreaming of dinner.  I’d picked another recipe from the 5DPT: Tuna and Parmesan Patties.
The photograph looks like poop, sorry, but they did not taste like poop!  I used Lite Lemon & Pepper Tuna and chopped a little coriander into it and then spread on some cream cheese.

And once again, I only managed one.  Wow – restriction is in full effect!
Or maybe I am finally paying attention to my body again.

I wound down the evening with an Alpine Tea and then a French Earl Grey.  I’m excited for tomorrow – tomorrow is the final Weigh In for Aubrey’s Diet Bet and I know I am going to be a winner!



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