The 5 Day Pouch Test: Day One

The 5 Day Pouch Test isn’t new, in fact it is discussed a lot in Weight Loss Surgery groups, and according to the Owners Manual author Kaye Bailey, the program is based on extensive research.  The 5 Day Pouch Test (5DPT) is designed to help weight loss surgery patients get back on track or to assist in preventing or reversing weight gain.  Its a back to basics plan but it can be used by all of us.
To set my own scene, I haven’t gained any weight, I’m 13 months post op and am still losing however through this blog, my Facebook page and Instagram account I am often asked if I know of or have completed the 5DPT, so in the interests of being able talk about it, I’m doing my own 5 days.

I bought the 5DPT Owners Manual on Amazon but I only started reading it on Day One!
I have to tell you that I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this book, sharing snippets with Ken and I wish I had read it ages ago!  There are quite a few sections where Kaye speaks the honest damn truth and the truth is something we all need to hear a little more often.  Like – follow the bloody rules.
You can find the Kindle version, and others, here:

Todays plan was to cooked up some soups to have for the next couple of days and to get set for the rest of the “Test”.  As part of my Step Bet, today was also a stretch day so I needed to clock up 14,000 odd steps.  I was really interested to see if I would make it through the day!

I had a small coffee about 8am and then we mucked around.  Actually we lay in bed and watched Sausage Party but hay its Saturday! Abut 10am I got started on breakfast – 1 scoop Celebrate Vitamins Vanilla Bean Protein Meal Replacement, 2 tbsp Collective Coconut Yoghurt, 1/3 cup blueberries, 200ml Calci Trim Milk.

Then it was time to head off and do a couple of jobs.  I took a 650ml shaker with me full of water and a scoop of Bodiez Protein Water.
While we were out, I stopped at my favourite supplements store and bought some Balance Sports Nutrition Chocolate Low Carb Protein Shakes.  I tucked into half of one of those and finished it up while we were out and about.

Once we got home, I started on the soups.

Beef & Black Bean – recipe link is here
Kale, White Bean and Chicken – recipe is here

While they were cooking away, I headed off to the Taitua Arboretum and did a Pet Photography shoot and I took another shaker of Protein Water plus another 600ml water bottle with me.  I got my steps doing a loop after my session had finished and I got to enjoy this gorgeous view …

Taitua Arboretum

I got home and put my feet up!  And this is when I got stuck in to Kaye’s book.  Out on the lounger in the sun.  With another protein shake.

For dinner I had the Beef & Tomato which, by the way, its fucking delicious.

And a lovely cup of tea while catching up on Shooter and Designated Survivor.  Both excellent shows currently on Netflix.

How I am feeling:
Well I have been lying to myself.  I’ve not been feeling physically hungry … I’ve been feeling head hungry.  The majority of those times I said those words “I feel hungry” I was possibly bored or thirsty or back in the habit of eating and thinking about food.  Today I have started to listen to my body again and its mostly craving water.  I clocked up 16,876 steps and didn’t feel weak or tired.  I’m surprised at how little food I truly need.  I didn’t calculate any calories for today so I’m just going to do a quick guestimate … maybe 1200.




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