The 5 Day Pouch Test: Day Four

Good morning Tuesday!!!  I was down another 700 grams on the scales this morning (yes, I do weigh myself every morning) and this morning I had to submit my final weigh in to be verified as a winner for Aubrey’s Diet Bet as I had made and maintained my 4% goal … yusss!!!

Would you look at that absolutely stunning morning hair in the second photograph?! WOOOOO!

I’d be lying if I said that the 5DPT hadn’t made things easier to maintain, reinforcing the 4 rules for being a gold star WLS patient and all that jazz.  But it has.  And the 5DPT has been amazing, I’ve stuck to all the rules and I am seeing all the results that Kaye talked about.  Including not wanting snacks!  I’m off to work again today so I’ll list as I go and hopefully the end of my day will see something magical happen.  No clues.

Day Four of the 5DPT is Firm Protein.  I talked Marcia into having breakfast with me and as I couldn’t find a single bloody water glass in our work kitchen, I served up our Green Smoothie/Protein Shake in wine glasses.  Very bloody festive!!!

Allergic to Sugar - Green Smoothie Breakfast

I just doubled the Green Smoothie recipe from the other day.  That X50 is pretty nice!

Throughout the morning I continued with my tea and water. Breakfast, tea, lunch is pretty much timed to almost the minute in our office.  Both Marcia and I really look forward to our morning tea … chai, Caramel Brownie, Terrific Toffee … oh T2 we love you!

For lunch, I bought breakfast.  Or, maybe I bought breakfast for lunch.  Either way, I loved yesterdays Mock Breakfast Burrito (and I have a whole can of refried beans to use) and its super quick and easy to make.  And just like yesterday, I couldn’t finish it all.  You get the leftover photo.

Allergic to Sugar - Mock Breakfast Burrito leftovers

And then my afternoon got really interesting!!
We’ve been talking about it for a wee while, and the time was finally right.  The Hakarimata’s are 1350 odd steps straight up a hill.  There are some crazy people that run them, some people do them more than once in a day but for me they were a challenge that I never thought I would achieve.  Marcia has been quite a few times, and already once this week, so our plan was just to duck off together and do them without telling anyone.  That way I could do my limit, whether that was 1/4 or 1/2 or the whole bloody way and feel good about it.

Allergic to Sugar does the Hakarimatas

I felt bloody good when we hit the top.  In fact, as per usual, I had a few tears.  It just blows me away that all of this is now possible for me – both physically and mentally.
And if you are wondering if the 5DPT will leave you a little lack lustre when it comes to energy, no bloody way!  I have more energy than I did a few days ago.  A lot more energy!
We shared a Horleys Pro-fit Protein Shake at the bottom carpark and I probably guzzled 1L of water.

I got home a bit later than expected.  Ken knew where I was as I texted him from the 5mins to the summit sign – and he had turned the BBQ on.  Burgers for dinner!!!

Allergic to Sugar - Bunless Burgers

I actually made myself two.  I really thought I’d be able to eat two but I served one … and that was enough.
You know what that means right?  Ah huh, burgers for lunch tomorrow!

To finish off the day, I sat up adjusting my Christmas list and drinking my cup of tea.  Earlier in the day I got a delivery, Balance Sports Nutrition Protein (both RTDs and Protein Bars) and I opened one of those bars.  Holy shit balls it was good.  But not as good as getting in to bed.  That felt bloody awesome!



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