The 5 Day Pouch Test: Day Five

And that’s a wrap – Day Five of the 5 Day Pouch Test is done and dusted.  I’ll do my day’s summary and then we are going to have a wee chat about what I thought and what I think anyone considering doing the 5DPT needs to know.

Day Five of the 5DPT is Solid Protein.
It’s almost time for our Christmas break so today is our team End of Year Breakfast.  Marcia booked us a table at The District in Te Rapa.  I wanted something a little different than the good old eggs, although their omelettes do look bloody good, and then I saw the Halloumi and Pumpkin Hummus with a Poached Egg.  Oh hell yes please!

Back at my desk, its time for all the morning fluids!  Bodiez Protein Water and T2 tea.  And a Balance Ultra Ripped to put in the fridge for just in case.  FYI, in January 2017, that shake is still in the lunchroom fridge!

By lunch time I wasn’t feeling hungry at all – but I had a little something as I have been exercising a lot and I know that my body needs fuelling.
Leftover burgers from last night, all sliced up with some baby spinach leaves.

Allergic to Sugar - 5DPT - Lunch

Tomorrow we head off on our Christmas Holidays.
There’s a bit of packing to do tonight, we’re both quite excited to be seeing our families .. and there is a fridge that needs some clearing out.  We decided that dinner tonight would use as few dishes as possible and empty out the vegetable drawers.  I BBQ’ed a piece of sirloin steak and the last of the halloumi and I made a salad with strawberries and pan fried a little asparagus.

Allergic to Sugar - 5DPT - Dinner

Now that the days summary is complete, let’s get real.
Of course I am very happy with the few kilograms that I have lost over the last 5 days, especially as it coincided nicely with the end of Aubrey’s DietBet so I won my initial investment back and a little more.  Could I have done it without the 5DPT? Of course I could – it would probably have taken me longer, but I could have done it.  Kicking the wee snacking habit though, and putting protein back as my top priority, I will definitely thank the 5DPT for the help there.

But the 5DPT isn’t really necessary if you have your head in the right place.
In fact, doing the 5DPT for the wrong reasons with the wrong intentions could be just setting you back further, way back to the unhealthy behaviours and fad dieting that we did prior to having weight loss surgery.
If you just want to break a stall or lose 5 pounds, please have a long hard look at your diet and your lifestyle habits first.  

Page 92 of the 5DPT Owners Manual discusses this …

“Always keep in mind that the 5 Day Pouch Test is to be used a vehicle to get back on track with your WLS basics. It should not be used as a fad diet to quickly knock off a few pounds. Include the 5DPT in your weight management when you do not feel in control of your eating or cravings, when you have strayed from the Four Rules and basic tenets that have worked in the past to help you lose weight, and when you simply need to get back to the basics of WLS.”

If you are a good WLS patient, the 5DPT will only reinforce what you already know.
If you are NOT FOLLOWING THE WLS RULES, if you think you know better than your surgeon, your nurse, your dietician and you are breaking the basic eating and drinking rules, then sort your bloody shit out.  Do what you have been told.

It’s fucking science and it fucking works.

Remember that the obesity battle is a mental one as well as a physical one.  This is why obesity is recognised as a disease.  Our surgery is merely a tool we have to help us in our recovery – we need other tools such as mindfulness, self care and will power to help us along.  If you need help, reach out to your WLS team.

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