Currently – October.

Spring is well and truly here in New Zealand – and so are the spring rains. I guess its the reason our country is so green but I am getting quite sick of it and I cannot wait for summer to arrive (its only a few days away) and summer should dry some of it up! It basically rained for the last 10 to 12 weekends in a row and including our last long weekend – Labour Weekend!

When I started writing this I was watching the third US Presidential debate and whilst I obviously don’t get to vote, I was blown away by the candidate, now President Elect, that is Donald Trump and the shit that comes out of his mouth. His diatribe at the start of the debate on being Pro Life and what decisions the government should be able to make concerning women’s bodies … well that’s just fucking bullshit. But it goes further than just Donald Trump, it can be applied to more things going on in our lives and how so many of us, me included, feel that its okay to have opinions on what and how other humans should live their lives – we need to stop that shit. I need to stop that shit. Stop the judgement, stop the competition, the comparison and the bullying. Your journey is yours and mine is mine and at the end of the day, I hope we all get everything that we want out of life.


Anyways, here is my October wrap up!

During October I’ve been a little slack on the whole foods (basically I have discovered a slice of pizza won’t kill me) but all in all, my eating is pretty damn good. I love food, and I love preparing and trying new things, but I’m still shit scared of dumping so I stick within the rules. Plus if I’m shopping and making meals for the both of us, anything too unhealthy sends Ken’s blood sugars crazy.
I’ve slowly been increasing my calories – not majorly – to around 1400/1500. I was managing around 900 to 1000 per day and at 12 months post op and exercising 5 days per week, it was a little low and things were starting to stagnate.  I added a few ‘snacks’ in and changed up some of my weekend meals – making a high protein green smoothie that we both LOVE!

Oct Eating - Allergic to Sugar

A whole lot of Tea.  Lots and lots and lots of tea.  And a fair amount of water.

September was a pretty hard month to top!  If you had asked me a year ago, I would never have imagined that I’d complete the Tauranga 12km … or that I woud get home and sign up for the Rotorua Night Trails run.  Ken and Carol and Stef and I had a great night running through the forest, I just didnt really enjoy the Tree Walk that Ken made me do first!  Heights are totally not my thing!!!
I’ve now got two memberships so I can gym with my two favourites – Marcia and I go at lunch time or after work and we do any combo of running, walking, Zumba … whatever!  Ken and I have been walking around the block and using our beautiful nature reserve thats right across the street from us.  Plus we took Nixie to Pukemokemoke and gone are the days where I would wait at the bottom!

Oct Exercising - Allergic to Sugar
I’ve got a bit more walking to do – next month is my surgiversary (one year post op) and I’ve entered the Hamilton Round the Bridges 12km which is on my actual anniversary day!  And as a wee present, I’ve ordered myself a bicycle!  Can’t wait!

I found this awesome Electro workout playlist on Spotify and I’ve been cranking that almost every workout.  I’ve come across some wicked songs that I’d have on repeat years and years ago and also a few new ones but its the tracks that remind me of my Paradiso Bar days that give me the biggest grin.  And then theres the DJ Tiesto track that I sing (sing?!) at the top of my voice and that Marcia videoed/Instagrammed/Snapchatted.

In November I’m hosting a WLS Cooking Demonstration and Dinner so I’ve been working on the dish I’ll create and the cards to go with them.  Each person gets to eat the meal and take the recipe home.  A WLS Recipe Club if you will.

Saunas and hot pools are 2 of my tired old bodies most favourite things right now – except for my early birthday present from my Mom, my Jean-Paul Gaultier stud and cuff and the little star necklace I bought from Leroy Betty & Co.  I’ve also made a couple of wardrobe investments, well handbag investments (hello Deadly Ponies) and now that I’m basically at my target weight, also my wardrobe.  Its so nice to be able to try almost anything on, now I just have to find my style and what really suits my shape!
I’ve picked up my camera a bit more (its as if I was actually allergic to it for a wee while there) and although I’m not really to throw myself fully back into my business, I’m loving working with the Metro Paws family again.

Oct Loving - Allergic to Sugar

Take care of you, t X



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