Moments: Things That Wouldn’t Have Happened a Year Ago

Friday 23rd of September was an anniversary of sorts.  It was one year ago that I sat in the car crying and eating KFC popcorn chicken and then walked in to Dr Schroeders surgical offices for my first bariatric surgery consultations.  Please, Help Me was the post I wrote whilst in my car.  When I received the phone call that would give me a date for my surgery, I had no idea of what was coming over the next 9-10 months.

Including this …


Yes, that’s right.  12km Tauranga City to Surf, I completed it yesterday and smashed the time I was looking for (between 2 – 2.5hrs).

The day was just gross.  It was pouring with rain and totally crappy but Carol, Karleen and I jumped in the car and headed over anyways.  Ken was our logistics man and support person and he dropped us at the start where we first huddled in the car once we had registered.

Then it came time to gear up.  Carol bought us all race belts and other belts to hold our numbers.  I was nervous but I looked like I knew what I was doing so that’s a bonus!  And then we were off!


Carol was running so she took off with the speedy people.  Karleen and I started together but as I hit my stride, and the pace I had been maintaining during training, I moved on ahead.  I found the first 4km the hardest – and I think its because I had no music.  Because of the weather I left them in the car and so, at about 3 kilometers in, I started singing.  Sorry fellow walkers!

At 6km, my time was just over an hour so I was feeling really good.  I thought I was on track for the 2-2.5hrs I wanted to do.

At 8km, I felt pretty happy.  I sent a SnapChat of my progress and at 10km, I took a selfie.


The course was just under 12km and I smashed my goal.  And now I’m already looking at another event – or two.  Last year, I would never ever have guessed that this would be possible or achievable.  I am just so fucking stoked – with whats happened in the last 10 months and what I have managed to do.  I’m pleased with the training I put in and the mental bumps I got over.img_0226




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