A Week’s Worth of WLS Lunches

Lunches don’t have to be boring – and they don’t have to be leftovers. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely freaking love leftovers but I do get bored of eating the same thing every day.

Everything I am sharing in this post, I have made from scratch this week and I’ve bought all my bits and pieces from Countdown or New World or Pak’nSave. I believe it should be easy to eat good nourishing food at every meal.

Each recipe takes an hour or less to make (or you can throw it in the slow cooker and just forget about it for a day) and each recipe gives you at least two lunches, possibly more, which is excellent if someone looks at your lunch each day and says “oh man, that looks delicious” or “can I eat that container in the fridge” – both of which are so much better than “you eat weird”.

The following recipes are high protein and low carb and they have been taste tested and ticked off, not just by me, as YUM.

At 9:30pm on a Sunday night I was cooking up a wee batch of quinoa so I had a base for work lunches this week. Here’s what that late night scramble turned into … and its bloody yummy!

Monday WLS lunch: Chicken, Tomato and Mint Quinoa Salad.

Photo 25-07-16, 12 52 38

Who said chickpeas were tasteless?! Definitely not me!! Soup for lunch is just perfect on this wet winters day. I’m looking forward to the warmth from the spice and I’m thankful for the blanket I have wrapped around my legs too.

Tuesday WLS lunch: Moroccan Chickpea and Lentil Soup.

Photo 26-07-16, 13 01 35

I think that if I died and came back as a kitchen appliance it would have to be a slow cooker because they are the absolute freaking business! We now have so much of this left over (made with a 1.2kg bolar roast) that I’m about to jump on TradeMe and look for a wee chest freezer.
To make the egg tortilla, I used one egg and 1 tsp of milk in my Sistema Egg Muffin maker and biffed it in the microwave for a minute. Oh and a snappy sprinkling of salt and pepper.

Wednesday WLS lunch: Slow Cooked Black Bean Beef with Egg ‘Tortilla’


My current favourite flavours all come from northern Africa so whilst we have thunderstorms and rain, I’m eating a warm lunch and dreaming of travel under wide open and clear skies.

Thursday WLS lunch: Lamb, Chickpea and Fennel Tagine.


Now I totally frigging cheated on making Fridays’s lunch! But it’s Friday, screw meal prep altogether, and just be nice to yourself. Seriously, just grab yourself a packet of the Naked Cuisine Black Bean pouch and throw 3 tablespoons in a bowl with some shredded chicken, chopped tomato, fresh coriander and a teaspoon of unsweetened yoghurt. Its quick, its easy and its farking delish!

Friday WLS lunch: Naked Cuisine Mexican Black Bean and Quinoa Chili – with Chicken and Yoghurt


Do you have favourite lunches?  Or are you short on ideas and inspiration?  Leave me a note below – I’d love to know!



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