My Food Bag – Does it work for Weight Loss Surgery Patients?

I know, I know, ordering a few weeks of My Food Bag seems like a weird thing to do especially when I really enjoy cooking so much and I’m in the middle of collating and creating a recipe book especially for Weight Loss Surgery patients.  But here we are, I’m tired and I wanted someone to make all the menu decisions for me so I have been letting someone else do most of the hard work.

As a general summary, the serving sizes for My Food Bag Own Bag are very generous.  Each night is supposed to serve one person so I had dinner, lunch the next day and at least another meal.  The cost per serving decreased all the way to around $3 – $4, which I thought was great considering all I had to do was read and chop!  Oh and removing quite a bit of the carbs.

Following are my favourite meals from My Food Bag and some of the amendments I made.

Ras El Hanout Fish with Veggie Cranberry Couscous and Yoghurt

I really wanted to try the vegetable couscous with this meal so I only sampled a tablespoon of it.  Lucky there were about 4-5 guys waiting at work for the leftovers!
The whole meal was delicious.  And I super glad made sure I got 1.2 a cranberry or two.  The Ras El Hanout on the fish made me reconsider how little fish I eat.

Chicken and Vegetable Laksa

I’ve always been a sucker for a great laksa – and this wasn’t any different bar a couple of subtle changes.
I used coconut aminos instead of brown sugar (coconut aminos always tastes slightly sweet to me) and I used 1/4 serve of the rice noodles and mixed them up with 3/4 mix of zoodles.  I’d make this again in a heartbeat, the fresh flavours and lime are so to my taste – and I’m now on a mission to make my own Laksa paste.

Spiced Lamb with Roasted Veggie Medley, Croutons and Chimichurri Sauce

I left out the croutons and other than that – this meal was beautiful, perfect, possibly one of my most favourite … ever.  I’ve made the Veggie Medley on a couple of other occasions and it never disappoints.
The secret is definitely in the good quality lamb rump and making sure its medium rare to medium-ish, definitely not overcooked!


Grilled Chicken with Vegetable and Basil Pesto Freekeh

I had never heard of freekeh so despite it being one of the carbohydrates that I should really avoid, well just like with the couscous, a tablespoon isn’t going to hurt is it?  Freekeh is a green cereal made from durum wheat.  It has a nutty taste and a texture quite like wild rice.  I have to say, I did really like it.
Grilling the chicken was easy and I’d like to hope that a quinoa might be a nice substitute for the freekah in another dish.


Lemon Crusted Haloumi Pocket with Tandoori Roast Vegetables and Lemon Yoghurt

As you can probably imagine, although I served the the small Pita Pocket, I didn’t eat any of it.
But that Haloumi. Mmm Haloumi. All praise the squeaky cheese!


Caramelised Fennel and Tomato Pappardelle with Sour Cream and Spinach

Another reasonably carb heavy meal, another meal with components I should have less of and flavours I couldn’t wait to try.  I put 2 or 3 strands of pasta in to cook just to try the whole emsemble and woah.  That’s about all I have to say about that!


So would I order My Food Bag again? Definitely. Well, when they start delivering to my part of Hamilton that is.
I loved the flavours, the recipes, the combinations. I can easily tone down the carbs and pump up the protein when I need to and Nadia’s recipes give me ideas for other nights. The recipe cards are well laid out and easy to follow and even the recipe holder folder sits up nicely on my bench making everything easy to follow.  My Food Bag is an amazing service.

I actually miss My Food Bag so much I went on the hunt for something similar here in the Waikato, and I found one! Keep an eye out for my next adventure with a delivery service, we’re currently trying Emma’s Food Bag.  There are a few posts on Instagram but I’ll let you know how we get on soon.

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