Four Months Post Gastric Bypass Surgery

On Friday I had my four months post gastric bypass surgery check up appointments with the team from Weight Loss Surgery.
The last time I saw Carol, our nurse, was during my pre-op consultation and since then I have only spoken to her on the telephone.  I remember her weighing me and taking my photograph and whilst she talked me through life after surgery, I never imagined (or rather I could never see) this time in my life!

Progress is bloody fantastic.

I’m managing to take all my vitamins and supplements throughout the day and so far my protein and calcium intake have been enough that I haven’t noticed any hair loss. PHEW! I was super worried about losing my hair.  Vain I know, but its still true.  I just wish it would grow faster – but thats a whole other story.

My food is great.  I haven’t experienced dumping again since that one time at the Hamilton Gardens.  That whole experience was just disgusting and horrible and I never ever want to go through that again.  I’m very careful not to drink anything for 30 minutes after I have eaten and all my fat/sugar per 100 grams or 100 mls is under 10 grams.  If you’re following along on Instagram, you’ll know I do a lot of preparing and eating at home – and of course the photographing too.  Its part of the way I keep myself accountable and also because I love it.  So much so that over the weekend I catered a lunch for 37 weight-loss surgery patients and the staff from our surgery and I have let myself be talked into curating, cooking and photographing the new version of the patient inspired Recipe Book.  Never a dull moment around here thats for sure.

Exercise is what I need to concentrate on now.  Some days I haven’t even been wearing my Fitbit.  In April I will be starting work again, and in IT a lot of your day can be sitting down.  A bit of effort will be required to choose which parts of my day will be dedicated to moving around.  As I’ll be in Auckland, I’m packing up my dive gear for service and am looking forward to getting back in the pool and then in the ocean!!

And the best news … my BMI is under 40 and I’m no longer considered morbidly obese.  That was a teary wee moment!

Allergic to Sugar Sept vs March BMI

Allergic to Sugar - July to March progress
But let’s get real for a moment.

The last four months have been easy than I anticipated in some ways – mostly the physical and food side.  But I completely underestimated how much work would need to happen inside my head.  And my diary.  The scheduling, the preparation for days, beating some of the old feelings that I would eat, that’s where the real work is happening.  Sure the constipation is not fun at all but dealing with that is often easier than looking yourself in the eye and telling yourself that you can change.  And that you will change.

To celebrate my little milestones (I’ve already high fived myself), I’m going to follow up this blog post with one of my current favourite recipes, It’s Not Butter Chicken.  This recipe will be appearing in the new Weight-Loss Surgery Cookbook that I’m collating (and hoping to release this year).

If you have any recipe suggestions that you would like to submit, all recipes are credited unless requested not to be, then I’d love to hear them.  You can use the Contact Me page or message me via the Allergic to Sugar Facebook page.

In the mean time, be cool and take care of you. t X



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