6 Weeks Pre-Op

My gastric bypass surgery is in 6 weeks and whilst my official pre-op diet is another month away, my own preparation starts today.

After the surgery, carbohydrates WILL NOT be my friend and so because I’ve had some success with paleo eating in the past, I’m going cold turkey on bread & pasta, all added sugars and processed foods.
My boyfriend and I had a huge chat about our meals and how big they are so we’re both cutting down to around 120-150g of protein per meal and increasing our vege count.

In the last couple of days I’ve made an effort to drink lots and lots of water, pay attention to those meals and exercise and I’m down about 5kgs.  I must have been bloated or something on the day I weighed in with the nurse!!!

Now that I feel comfortable with my decision, and now that I know my date, I am a lot more comfortable with telling people.  I never care all that much about what other people think but I’ve discovered something.  A LOT more people have had some form of weight loss surgery than I ever imagined!  And now I’m doing it too, they are all in my corner.  And thats pretty awesome.



2 thoughts on “6 Weeks Pre-Op”

    • Thank you Amanda! I can’t get over the support I’m getting – its truly mind-blowing. I’ve just started reading your blog … look out for regular comments from me XX

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