Please, Help Me.

About a month ago I went to see my Doctor – for one reason.  I desperately needed/wanted some help with my weight.  I’ve had some success with just about every weight management plan out there.  But little by little, even after all the losses, I get bigger and bigger.

And here I find myself.  I’m 40.  I’m frustrated.
I want to live a life of activity (I enjoy being outside, I like moving) – and I don’t want to create medical issues because of this body that I take full responsibility for creating.  I know my portion sizes are too large, I like eating.  I know carbohydrates are my nemesis, I often eat easy instead of taking a few more moments to prepare something.  And its not like I don’t know which are the better foods to be eating!  I can read food labels, I even grow a mean vegetable.

So I asked my Doctor for help.  I asked him for a referral to a Weight Loss Surgery Specialist.  And he gave it to me.

In this moment I am sitting in my car, just down the road from the Surgeons office crying into my KFC popcorn chicken.


I am well aware of how stupid and sad this is.  Believe me, I’ve told myself not to be so stupid – treat this as a real good introduction into my life, into my brain.  Hopefully today will be the beginning of a journey that will change all of this.

My surgery (IF the team agrees I’m a good candidate) will be through private healthcare.  WLS (Weight Loss Surgery) is available publicly in New Zealand however there is no guarantee of me being accepted.  My medical insurance covers a significant portion and I’m more than prepared to pay for the rest.

So today I see the nurse for a consultation and then the surgeon.  Tomorrow the dietician and the psychologist – and then? Fingers crossed!



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