Whole 30: The Kitchen Adventures Clean Out

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As much as I like blogging (over-sharing), I like photography even more.  Blogs are like diaries to me, perhaps that’s why I immediately started this one once I had cemented my decision to start the Whole 30.  Or perhaps started the blog cemented the decision.  Either way, be prepared for blogs and a lot of photo’s over the next 30 something days.

I absolutely love my kitchen.  I have oodles of bench space, a massive landing area for preparation, lots of pantry space and a large fridge (that also dispenses cold water and ice!).  I thought I would give you a quick look around my kitchen … and any seasoned Whole 30-ers could share with me any tips and tricks they might have.  We have a huge landing area and preparation area so those planned weekly cooking sessions should be relatively painless. There’s also quite enough room for two of us to be throwing food and ingredients around!
Update Note: This was my old kitchen.  The Zoo House kitchen is basically a shack in the bush compared to this goddess!

Allergic to Sugar: Whole 30 Kitchen Clean Out

I’ve removed the blender and put that away (its only really good for yoghurt/ice-cream smoothies) and instead the slow cooker can the food processor can live there.

Allergic to Sugar: Whole 30 Kitchen Clean Out

Coffee and tea corner hides behind the oven and the microwave. I’ve recently bought a soda stream so I have been reading up on natural drinks rather than the syrups we have been using. I love that little machine!

Allergic to Sugar: Whole 30 Kitchen Clean Out

Right, enough about the kitchen space, let’s get ready to Whole 30.  The rules of the clean out are;

  • everything with sugar as an ingredient – its out!
  • legumes (beans), grains and dairy – its out!
  • allocate a non Whole 30 area if you live with other people (or if your partner is a diabetic and he considers a lolly or two to be medicine)
  • get out your good kitchen ware and your beautiful plates. For the next 30 days, every meal is a special meal because … why the hell not!
  • No baking or trying to create Whole 30 treats (this is easy for me, I can’t bake for shit)

This is what we started with. See that rice! Packets of two minute noodles .. all sorts.

Allergic to Sugar: Whole 30 Kitchen Clean Out

And when I was done. Even the dog and cat treats are in the Whole 30 cupboard so there is no reason to open the other one.

Allergic to Sugar: Whole 30 Kitchen Clean Out

Allergic to Sugar: Whole 30 Kitchen Clean Out

I posted this on the Whole 30 Facebook page. These are the only things I am not 100% sure of in the fridge/pantry … sesame seeds, Hot Sauce and Fair Trade cocoa powder. Does anyone else know?

Allergic to Sugar: Whole 30 Kitchen Clean Out

So the clean out is all done – its now time to start stocking it.
It is Sunday today so it is only 3 more days until we start our Whole 30 – exciting!!



4 thoughts on “Whole 30: The Kitchen Adventures Clean Out”

  • Good job with the clean out! Well fed has some awesome condiment recipes which requires a blender so don’t hide it for too long 🙂 Those 3 items are definitely compliant – sesame seeds are great to add to salads, the hot sauce (good job finding a compliant one! Most have added sugar) to sweet potatoes, eggs, stir frys and there’s a chocolate chilli recipe in Well Fed that uses the cocoa (making it today for the first time).

    • Thanks Dayna! I can’t wait to hear how that chocolate chilli turns out!
      I’ve got a stick blender which may be better in the short term. Will be making mayo and a dipping sauce/salad dressing tonight so we shall see

  • Cocoa = fine; seasame seeds = fine; hot sauce = should also be fine (just make sure nothing nasty in the ingredients). Your kitchen looks AMAZING and the perfect space to make some Whole 30 magic!

    • Thanks Leah – the hot sauce was a stroke of luck – it was in a pack of grass fed beef that I bought last year.
      Two more days to go!

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